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Sida: le taux de prévalence du vih à plus de 30% en 2005 en afrique du sud




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  • Sida: le taux de prévalence du vih à plus de 30% en 2005 en afrique du sud

    vendredi 21 juillet 2006, 20h17
    sida: le taux de prévalence du VIH à plus de 30% en 2005 en Afrique du Sud

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    JOHANNESBURG (AFP) - Le taux de prévalence du vih, le virus du Sida, a enregistré une légère hausse en 2005 en Afrique du Sud, en passant de 29,5% à 30,2%, a annoncé vendredi le ministère sud-africain de la Santé.

    ... ... 21072006/202/sida-le-taux-de-prevalence-du-VIH-plu-s-de-30.html

    la circonsiion est coutumière en afrique du sud, où elle provoque des drames (mort, gangrène, infectrion, amputation de la verge). et on ose nous vendre la circoncision comme une réponse au Sida?

    exemples de cas:

    F State initiates die
    04/07/2001 19:43 - (SA)

    Bloemfontein - Two teenage boys died at different initiation schools in the southern Free State last week, police said on Wednesday.

    The deaths were only reported to the police in Fauresmith on Tuesday.

    Captain Ernest Mayiki said the boys, aged 15 and 18, had been circumcised but could not confirm the cause of their deaths. They died on Friday and Saturday respectively.

    "We will do post mortems on them tomorrow (Thursday) to determine the cause of death," Mayiki said.

    Their parents took the bodies to a local doctor to determine the cause of death but were advised to report the matter to police.

    "Things that happen at initiations are secret," Mayiki said.

    "That is probably why the parents only reported the deaths on Tuesday."

    The initiation schools were on different farms in the Fauresmith district.

    Mayiki said an inquest docket was opened.

    Source: ... ... [...] 44,00.html

    Circumcision Act tackled
    09/11/2001 20:08 - (SA)

    Johannesburg - Members of the National House of Traditional Leaders (NHTL) are to prepare a report on initiation schools for discussion at the bi-annual conference of traditional leaders next month.

    The conference is to take place from December 4 to 6 in the Northern Province.

    This follows an NHTL national imbizo on initiation schools on Thursday.

    The imbizo was called to discuss deaths of pupils in the initiation schools and recent provincial legislation governing the custom of circumcision in various provinces.

    NHTL spokesperson Nkosi Mwelo Nonkonyane said on Friday the Northern Province Circumcision Schools Act grants the premier powers to administer circumcision schools, and authorises the police to rescue any one abducted forcibly and taken to a circumcision school.

    The Eastern Cape legislation similarly authorises the health MEC to administer the Act, particularly the power to appoint any medical officer - whether circumcised or not, and whether male or female - to attend the circumcision schools.

    The national imbizo noted that all the provincial laws exclude the traditional leaders from the administration of the custom.

    "There is no role for traditional leaders. All the pieces of legislation force traditional leaders to seek permission from premier, MEC and medical practitioners in the administration of the custom."

    The imbizo also condemned the decisions of the Northern Province and Eastern Cape governments in diverting traditional institutions' powers to regulate the custom in their respective areas of jurisdiction.

    Traditional leaders said the custom of circumcision was the pride of the nation.

    "Our communities regard it as divine and sacrosanct and it must be preserved and protected.

    "However, we acknowledge that in the previous recent years many of our young men died and the intervention of the government in this regard is understandable. We would like to state clearly that in areas where traditional leaders are in charge there are no deaths of initiates."

    "We welcome the intervention of our government to stop the senseless maiming and killing of our children."

    However, such intervention should not erode and undermine customary values. The government should convene a national indaba so that problems related to the tradition of circumcision could be identified and joint measures be taken to address them.

    "We are equally concerned about the maiming and deaths of our children. In this regard we call upon our traditional leaders to make sure that no circumcision lodge is constructed in their areas of jurisdiction without their prior consent."

    "We call upon all the provincial governments that have passed the Bills on Initiation Schools not to promulgate the bills as laws."

    The NHTL said they would seek an urgent meeting with the national government for intervention.

    Source : ... ... [...] 09,00.html

    Botched circumcisions: 52 in hospital
    10/12/2001 20:40 - (SA)

    Queenstown - At least 52 initiates were receiving treatment for circumcision complications in hospitals in the Eastern Cape, hospital officials said on Monday.

    At Hewu Hospital in Whittlesea, 20 young men were being treated, while Cecilia Makiwane Hospital (CMH) in Mdantsane was treating 17.

    One of the boys was still in the intensive care unit at CMH on Monday, while the others there were reported to be in a stable condition.

    Cofimvaba Hospital had seven initiates and four others were being treated at Frontier Hospital in Queenstown.

    There are three initiates in the Stutterheim hospital and one in Cala Hospital.

    One of the three initiates in the Stutterheim hospital would undergo a skin graft soon because his penis had been badly circumcised. The other two were reported to be in a stable condition.

    Last week 10 initiates, who were in a "terrible condition", received treatment at the Mount Ayliff Hospital. It was not known how many of them were still in hospital.

    Three initiates have died since the start of the summer circumcision season.

    All three were from the East London area. They are: Mbongeni Willie, 19, of Scenery Park in East London; Mncedisi Tshikila, 17, who was pronounced dead on arrival when he was brought to CMH; and Nasetali Deki, 16, who died at CMH.

    Last week acting MEC for Health Max Mamase said charges would be brought if any boys below the age of 18 were found to have been circumcised.

    Source : ... ... [...] 08,00.html

  • Euh

    quitte à informer, pense aussi à traduire.

    C'est déjà pas une mise en page agréable, alors si en plus faut se casser le QQ à traduire ...


    • Euh
      52 circoncis ont été admis à l'hôpital

      à cause de complications.

      classique: gangrène (avec amputation de la verge), infection, amputation d'un excès de peau, amputation accidentelle du gland, etc.



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