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Sports for people in wheelchair



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  • Sports for people in wheelchair

    I'm a student from the University of Munich.
    In an effort with the University of Calpoly (California) to improve the life's quality of people in Wheelchair, our goal is to adapt or improve a sport, so each person can play no matter his/her condition.
    We will appreciate any comment or suggestion about a problem occurred playing a sport. Also tell us if you like a particular sport that you are not able to play and why?
    Thank you very much!!

  • Re: sports for people in wheelchair


    First I'm sorry about my bad English
    My name is Anaïs and I'm paraplegic for 10 months, I had a car accident.
    Before my accident I had a hobbie, I loved classical dance. But without the use of my legs, i can't dance anymore.

    I don't know if I helped you
    See you later !



    • People in wheelchair's answer


      I'm paraplegic for 5 years now and i love sports especially tennis (which is not difficult do play even in a wheelchair), climbing & via ferrata (much more difficult to practice righ now ) and my passion is nature and hikking, i practiced freestyle skiing before my accident and i think that i will start back in a few month, well i hope.
      my friends and my family hepl me and i can do whatever i want. I don't know if you understand french but take a look to and you will see that lots of thing are done by handi people. Even if i need help i know that i could d lots of things. if yo need anything else




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